WARNING: This product cntains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. This website is only available for people above 21, and people under 21 are prohibited from buying e-cigarettes.
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Product Verification
UWELL has upgraded the verification code system from 16 digits to 18 digits since 2023. There are two versions of anti-counterfeit codes in the market now. But the 18-digit one would replace the 16-digit one as time goes by.
Where is the anti-counterfeit code?
UWELL anti-counterfeit code
New Version (18-digit)
On the product's packaging box
verify UWELL vape
Previous Version (16-digit)
On the user manual's cover
Verify the Anti-counterfeit Code
1. Please enter the 18-digit or 16-digit anti-counterfeit code.
*Please enter your code without spaces or dashes.
2. Scan the QR code with your smartphone to verify.
how to verify UWELL vape
Step 1
Scratch off the anti-counterfeit code's coating.
UWELL anti-counterfeit
Step 2
Scan the QR code and click Submit to verify the product's authenticity.
This is an authentic product code.
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