WARNING: This product cntains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. This website is only available for people above 21, and people under 21 are prohibited from buying e-cigarettes.
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Here’s the UWELL DILLON with infinite possibilities. Born to be dynamic, distinctive, and distinguished, UWELL DILLON dares to spark inspiration, explore the unknown, and define the future. UWELL CROWN Vape Series highlights your attitude towards life and quest for excellence. All is about pursuing premium and living to the fullest. UWELL Caliburn Vape Series draws a great and gratifying experience like no other. When we talk about ultimate flavor, we think of CALIBURN. CALIBURN has set the standard of flavor. When it comes to CALIBURN, flavor says it all.HAVOK stands out for seamlessly blending groundbreaking technology with minimalist design to redefine the standards of excellence. Designed for the bold, HAVOK invites you to experience the different possibilities.UWELL VISCORE is a high-end, creative, and multi-functional vape series with cutting-edge tech, personalized settings, and eco-friendly materials.UWELL Conick is a youth-oriented, energetic and convenient e-cigarette product series which features a sleek and compact design with easy-to-use functions, making it the perfect choice for on-the-go uCOZI
• 900 mAh Battery
• 0.6Ω, 25W (0.9 Ω included)
• EM-LOCK™: Leak-free vaping with e-liquid shield