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Frequently Asked Questions
Troubleshooting Charging Issues
1. Use a Certified Power Adapter: If your device is not charging, ensure you are using a certified power adapter compatible with your device. 2. Check Charging Cable: Verify if the charging cable is functioning correctly. If not, try using an alternative charging cable. 3. Indicator Light Check: During charging, confirm whether the device's indicator light is illuminated. If the device remains uncharged despite the lit indicator, there may be an issue with the device itself. 4. No Charge with Indicator Light: If the device doesn't charge even when the indicator light is on, it could indicate a device-related problem. 5. After-Sale Service: If the above steps yield no results, seek after-sale service from the vape shop where you purchased the device.
Troubleshooting Device Malfunction
1. Replace Cartridge: If the device fails to function, try replacing the used cartridge with a new one. If the problem persists with a new cartridge, it indicates a potential issue with the device. 2. Check Electrode Pin: Ensure the electrode pin of the device is properly in place. If dislodged, use a tool to pull it back into position gently. 3. Address Short Circuits: Examine for short circuits caused by e-liquid leakage. If detected, clean any spilled e-liquid to resolve potential short circuit issues. 4. After-Sale Service: If the above steps do not resolve the problem, seek after-sale service from the vape shop where you purchased the device.
Addressing Spitting Issues
1. Wipe and Dry Coil: If you experience spitting, wipe and dry any remaining e-liquid in the coil. Avoid washing the coil with water. 2. Preventive Measures: To prevent spitting issues, follow these guidelines: a. Cover the drip tip or use the silicon plug after refilling. b. Avoid excessive vaping frequency. c. Minimize the frequency of removing and installing the cartridge. d. Refrain from prolonged single-vape sessions. e. Adjust a bigger airflow. These steps should help mitigate and prevent spitting problems with your device.
Correcting Light Flavor Issues
1. Check E-liquid Exposure: If the flavor is very light, assess if it's due to prolonged exposure of the e-liquid to air. In such cases, pour and refill with new e-liquid to refresh the flavor. 2. Replace Coil: If changing the e-liquid doesn't resolve the issue, replace the used coil with a new one. Light flavor may occur when the coil has been used for an extended period. 3. After-Sale Service:* Should the problem persist after attempting the above solutions, seek after-sale service from the vape shop where you purchased the device.
Addressing Burnt Coil Issues
1. Check Authorized Source: Ensure the cartridge is purchased from an authorized store to maintain coil quality. 2. Replace Burnt Coil or Cartridge: If the coil is burnt, replace it or the entire cartridge with a new one. Refill with e-liquid above the MIN level. 3. Allow Coil Saturation Time: Allow the device to sit for 10 minutes to ensure proper saturation of the new coil. 4. Avoid Mixing E-liquids: Do not use the same coil with different e-liquids to prevent burnt coil issues. 5. Timely Refill: Refill with e-liquid promptly to prevent coil burnout when it reaches the MIN level. These steps should help resolve and prevent burnt coil problems with your device.