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Calibrun-koko-prime Calibrun-koko-prime
caliburn-koko-prime-body caliburn-koko-prime caliburn-koko-prime
Pod System

690 mAh Battery Capacity
15 w Maximum Power


Meshed-H 0.8 Ω
FeCrAl 1.0 Ω


2 ml E-liquid Capacity

Drip Tip

Material: PCTG


Material: Aluminum Alloy
690 mAh Battery Capacity
15 W Maximum Power

Charging Port
LED Indicator
Air Inlet

Fashionable Lanyard to Free Your Hands

Free up your hands and pockets with the included lanyard, and as a fashionable accessory
to adapt to your outfits of different colors, cool and fun.

Create Your Own KOKO Prime
The decorative panels on both sides of the KOKO PRIME are magnetically installed,
which can be easily replaced.
caliburn-koko-prime-panel caliburn-koko-prime-panel
Panel panel-color
2 Different Airflows
With ingenious airway design, you can enjoy different vape experiences
by inserting the pod in 2 directions.
caliburn-koko-prime-body airflows
Ifthe air inlet of the pod and the
air inlet of the device are close to
each other, the airflow is suitable for
a restricted direct-to-lung vape.
If the air inlet of the pod and the
air inlet of the device are far away
from each other, the airflow is
suitable for a mouth-to-lung vape.
2 ml Top-filling Pod
Remove the drip tip before filling the pod.
The silicone plug helps to avoid e-liquid leakage
and reduce the mess.
Replaceable Coil
( Compatible with CALIBURN G Coil )
The coils atomize e-liquid evenly and prolong the life span.
With UWELL’s exclusive patented Pro-FOCS flavor adjustment
technology, you can savor different tastes. Please ensure the
coils align with the locating slot on the pod while installing.
0.8Ω-Coil 0.8Ω-Coil
New UN2
Meshed-H 0.8 Ω Coil
(sold separately)
Suitable for smoother airflow and decent flavor.
1.0Ω-Coil 1.0Ω-Coil
New FeCrAl 1.0 Ω COIL
Suitable for tighter airflow and rich-layered flavor.
USB Type-C Port
1.6A fast charging through the USB Type-C port on
the bottom. Easy, fast, and convenient.
LED Indicator
You can easily know the working condition
and battery levels with an indicator light.
Multiple Protections